MBA (Full Time) Fee Structure for 2 years:
Tuition Fee : 1st Semester Rs.85,000/-
2nd Semester Rs.85,000/-
3rd Semester Rs.85,000/-
4th Semester Rs.85,000/-
Total          Rs.3,40,000/-
Other Fees: 

University Registration & Examination Fee


To be announced by the university from time to time.

Library Caution Deposit                                                            
(Application Form to be collected from the Librarian)

Rs. 2,000 One time(Refundable)

First year fees to be paid at the time of admission and  second year fees to be paid before 10th April 2015.

No fee waiver facility is available at present. 

Note:  Paying Guest Accommodation - Outsourcing facility (Optional)



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