Seminar :

The following National & International Seminars /Workshops/Conferences organized by IIMS
  1. “Sick Industries” in collaboration with the Indian Society of Engineers” at Calcutta.
  2. “Non-Formal Education and Management Education through correspondences” at Calcutta.
  3. “Human Resources Management in Industry” at Delhi
  4. “Human Resource Development” at Calcutta
  5. “Training and Development” at Calcutta
  6. “Role of Human Relations and Industrial Growth” at Calcutta
  7. “Managerial Excellence” at Bhubaneswar
  8. “Productivity in Industry” at Calcutta
  9. “Quality Circles in collaboration with the Quality Circle Forum of India” at Calcutta
  10. “Human Resource Development” at Calcutta
  11. “Management of Change” at New Delhi
  12. “Management of Change” at Bombay
  13. “Modernization and Diversification of Engineering Industries” at Calcutta
  14. “Challenges Before Indian Managers” at Calcutta
  15. “Total Quality Management” at Calcutta
  16. “Maintenance Management (jointly with the Association of Engineers )” at Calcutta
  17. “Teleconference (through Satellite ) on Vivek Management-Indian Ethos & Management (Jointly with Advanced Management Education Society” New Delhi) among 25 receiving Centres all over India
  18. “Teleconference (through satellite) on Internet for Managers (jointly with Advanced Management Education Society” New Delhi among 25 receiving Centres all over India
  19. “Challenge of Industrial Relation in West Bengal held” at Calcutta
  20. “Quality HR as Prerequisite to Face Business Challenge in India” held at Calcutta
  21. “ Contribution of Financial Sectors towards Employment Generation” held at Calcutta
  22. “ Industry Requirement for MBA pass –outs” held at Calcutta
  23. “Future Challenge of Management Students” held at Calcutta
  24. “Contribution of FMCG Sectors to Sustainable Economy” held at Calcutta
  25. “ Impact of Insurance Sectors towards Indian Economy” held at Calcutta
  26. “Development Management” –International Conference jointly with IIDS-Australia held at Calcutta.
  27. “Development Management”- International Conference , held at Bangkok, Thailand.
  28. “Human Capital : Perspectives in Development “ – International Conference jointly with AIS New Zealand, held at Penang, Malaysia.
Following Workshops were organized funded by Govt. of India :-
  1. Workshop on General Entrepreneurship Programme organized by Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) , Govt. of India held at Kolkata for one month.
  2. Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Awareness in Collaboration with Enterprise Development Institute, Bengal National Chambers of Commerce & Industry under the aegis of Dept. of Science of Technology, Govt. of India - 3 days .
  3. Workshop on Business skill development programme jointly with MSME, Govt. of India held at Kolkata for 22 days.
  4. Workshop on creation of awareness in protection and enforcement of rights on intellectual property works among MSME entrepreneurs, Industry associations and professionals – 2 days.

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